11 thoughts on “Merry Xmas and Happy 2011 and thanks for making 2010 special:)

  1. Merry Christmas Dee. Thank you for your informative and inspiring posts. I look forward to many more in the new year.

  2. Thanks Susanne,

    And thanks for all that you do for the Children’s Writing & Illustrating community in Australia:)

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous 2011.


  3. Dee, can you tell me about how long you have had this blogsite? I’m curious (being new to having a site) whether you got ‘hits’ straight away or whether it took time to get regular hits to your site?

  4. Hi Kaye,

    It does take time to build up a regular readership. My blog has been going for almost two years now. If you provide content that your readers want, they will keep coming back. Telling people about your blog through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook is another way to build traffic. Good luck with your blogging.


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