I’m pleased to say that my new book, Harry’s Goldfield Adventure was released earlier this week.

It’s exciting for me not just because it’s a new book but because it’s an affirmation that it pays to be persistent and flexible as a writer.

I first wrote Harry’s adventure over fifteen years ago. In its initial stages it was a story about an adventurous girl called Cassie who was always getting herself into trouble – in fact I wrote a whole series about her.

I’m not sure how, but somewhere along the line, Cassie became Harry and in the years since the first drafts, I had learned a whole lot more about writing.

So when Pearson were looking for books for their new Chapters series, Harry seemed the perfect fit and luckily for me, Pearson thought so too.

I was also lucky to have my book beautifully illustrated by Rachel Tonkin whose wonderful detailed pics have brought Harry’s story to life.

So as well as celebrating my new ‘book baby’ I’m also celebrating for the other writers and illustrators with books in the series…and for all the other writers and illustrators around the world who are persistent and dedicated to their craft.

Happy writing (and illustrating)



8 thoughts on “HARRY IS OUT AND ABOUT

  1. Wow. Congratulations, Dee. Must be great to see your long loved story in print.
    I have to ask, did Pearson contact you or are you really vigilent and regularly check websites for opportunities. I need to be better at that.
    Well done.

  2. Hi Kaye,

    Thanks for your congratulations. I’ve had work published by Pearson before and they contacted me, but I ring them reasonably regularly to see what’s happening and I check their website and subscribe to online newsletters like PIO and Buzz Words which alert me to opportunities.

    It is hard to be vigilant though isn’t it when you have writing to do and life to take care of as well?:-)


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