Today is my second last day here, and I have mixed feelings about leaving Brisbane. I’ll be sad to leave behind some wonderful friends, but it’s only temporary. I will be back in Brisbane for the CYA Conference in September.

Now that I’ve tied up all the loose ends, I’m getting very impatient to be on that plane, and heading back to my family. Only one more sleep to go.

Today I have been making notes of things to include/lookout for in the next draft of the manuscript I have been working on since I’ve been here. I have quite a few pages. Being a three part series, I have to make sure I lay down all the right clues for the reader.

I have also been editing my YA novel. Having had a break from it for the last few weeks while I’ve been here, I can really see how great my editor’s suggestions are. Putting a manuscript aside for a while is a really good way to identify and understand its flaws.

It has also been a day of last minute catchups. I had a lovely morning tea with authors Sheryl Gwyther and Belinda Jeffrey. I was late…lost I confess. I’m sure the kings were Albert, Edward then George; but that’s not the order that the streets by that name run in Brisbane. Thanks to a kind policeman, I found my way. Had a great chat about all things writerly, and am really looking forward to reading Belinda’s new book when it comes out in September.

After that I walked across the bridge to the State Library where I caught up with Tammy Morley and Steve Bourne. They have been the wonderful people behind my school workshops; making sure that everything ran smoothly and according to schedule. Thanks Tammy and Steve for helping to make my workshops so much fun, and ensure that they finished on time – and for today. Tammy and Steve took me for lunch at the Art Gallery. It was lovely sitting outside watching water dragons scuttle up and down the trees.

On the way home, I visited Glen and wished him all the best, had one of his divine iced chocolates and took one last sandwich board pic. Just as well I can still follow his boards on Facebook.

Now I’m off to back and book my seat for the trip home.

Happy writing.