You might have guessed by now that my writing is totally out of control.  An idea can strike at any moment and I find it impossible to say, “Go away I’m busy, come back another day”.

And guess what? I had one yesterday. No sooner had I finished the first draft of one book when an idea, character etc appeared in my head. Needless to say, this new ‘brainwave’ kept me awake till around midnight then woke me again at 4.00am.

The good news is that it’s all plotted out now as you can see from the attached diagram, so now I can put it away and go back to my editing, phew! And the idea will be there waiting for me when I get back and have a chance to focus my attention on this new story.

You might not be surprised to find that it was inspired by the gorgeous Sophie and our lovely day out in the Roma Street Parklands yesterday.

Today was the last of my workshops at the State Library of  Queensland. The workshop was titled from Portrait to Prose, and I used Letters to Leonardo to demonstrate how art can be used to inspire writing. We went to the Library’s Bipotaim exhibition and developed character profiles from photographs, then we went to the art gallery and developed characters from paintings.

This workshop was attended by a group of kids who had taken time out from their school holidays to be there, and they were very enthusiastic and happy to talk about their writing and the sorts of things they write.

May Gibbs’ Literature Trust’s Judith Russell came to the workshop and then we lunched at the Avid Reader where we became Avid Eaters and Avid Readers. A great way to round off the day.

Off course I had to check out Glen’s masterpiece for the day, and when I got home there was plenty of emailing and blogging to catch up on.

Brisbane and my May Gibbs Fellowship has been so inspiring, but I must admit I’m getting edgy to see my family. Only three more sleeps.

Happy writing.



  1. Hey Dee

    3 more sleeps – it can’t be over so fast!

    Loved that those kids took time from their holidays to ‘meet’ and be creative with you – I know that they are all the more enlightened and I bet enthusiastic about writing and art after sharing that experience with you.

    I just bet your family are counting down sleeps too!

    Bye 4 now

  2. I know, it has gone fast, hasn’t it, Tina?

    Still, I’ll be back in September for CYA. I told the kids today the keep their eyes open; that there may be some kid’s sessions at CYA 2010.

    Hope your writing is going well, although it sounds like you’ve been a bit busy to write.


  3. Dee, you must be tired! Don’t you love it when ideas just won’t leave you alone? It’s good to know ideas are always around making us lose sleep to devote all our attention to them!

    I said this yesterday how I love your plot arc w/ sticky notes. It seems like an excellent way to really see the entire story. I definitely need to try that!

  4. Hi Tina,

    Don’t panic, I didn’t give any guarantees, it’s just that a group of kids came up to me after the session and asked when I was doing my next workshop so they could come. I told them I was from Melbourne and unfortunately, I didn’t have any more scheduled. They wanted to know what else there was for young writers that didn’t involve coming with a school group. So I just told them to keep an eye out for CYA, and that there possibly would be something for them there.


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