On today's walk, I was fascinated with this house built into the rock cliff face.

Okay, it is really day 23 today. I got so caught up with time zone issues yesterday that I got ahead of myself. As you can see, Maths is not my strong point. So I might confine the rest of this post to news about writing.

Today I reached 55,000 words and the end of draft one is just a hare’s whisker away, or is that a bunny’s? I have resisted the urge to sprint to the finish, and I think I’m going to end up with a much stronger ending as a result.

It was another great day for walking and writing. I am constantly grateful for the number of bus stop seats around Brisbane that provide refuge for the walking writer.

They are just what I need when I am looking for somewhere to stop and write down the whirl wind of ideas in my head.

I’m hoping to finish my ms mark 1, after I’ve done this blog post, then celebrate with some sleep.

Out for dinner at a chinese restaurant.

Seeing as it’s my last week in Brisbane, I haven’t been wasting social opportunities and tonight I dined at a Chinese restaurant in the mall with Karen Webb Collum and her mother, Collene. Another fun night with great food and good company. I confess that we were asked to leave the restaurant, but not for rowdy behaviour, the staff wanted to go home.

And now I’m off to check my emails, finish my manuscript, then bed.

Happy writing.


Tomorrow’s Tuesday Writing Tip is all about increasing dramatic tension.

News Flash:    Draft One of manuscript written during May Gibbs Fellowship has just been completed.


  1. Hi Dee

    Congratulations. You are a star. 55,000 words and a full first draft. WOW!

    I’m loving following your MG journey and am inspired by your mindset and achievements. Thrilled for you too.

    Enjoy your remaining week before you go home to your much-missed family and life’s distractions.


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