A non-Easter bunny from back home

Today I reached my 50,000 word milestone.  I have a tendency to accelerate when I see the finish line and end my early drafts abruptly.

So I took a deep breath and forced myself to stop when I reached the 50,000 word mark and put my manuscript aside.

I had plenty of other writerly things to occupy me including preparing blog posts for next week and a Powerpoint presentation for my workshop, From Portrait to Prose, at the State Library of Queensland on Wednesday.

Easter Bunny had not forgotten me and arrived in the form of Judith Russell from the May Gibbs Literature Trust who has looked after me so well since I’ve been here. Judith came bearing a smile and some yummy marzipan easter eggs.

I had a lovely chat to everyone from home and was pleased to hear that the non-easter bunnies seem to be coping with my absence.

The end of Daylight Saving put me in a complete state of confusion. My computer, which I had reset to Brisbane time when I arrived, automatically adjusted itself for the end of Daylight Savings. This mean that I was an hour behind all day, but didn’t realise till I was wandering casually around Brisbane and checked my mobile phone to discover that it was actually 5.18 not 4.18.

I was far from home, sweaty and casually dressed and due to hop on a train in 45 minutes to have dinner with my writerly friends, Julie Nickerson and Lynn Priestley. In fact, I was so confused, that I had to phone Julie to find out what time it really was.

Lynn, Julie and I dining at Tomato Brothers

After rushing around frantically, I made it to the station with a few minutes to spare and sat on the platform writing this blog post; afraid that if I attempted to do it on the train I might get off at the wrong station.

We dined lavishly (ate way too much) at Tomato Brothers which was worth going to just for the name, but the food was great too.

There’s nothing like plotting your next book in the company of other writers.

Happy writing.



  1. So good to catch up with you and Lynn last night, Dee! Good luck with the final leg of your first draft today. Make sure you reward yourself appropriately when you’re done – with a doughnut, perhaps?! (if you haven’t eaten it already, that is …)

  2. What happened to Day 22? You know, the one between Day 21 and Day 23??

    Maybe its a Queensland time thing that us Southerners haven’t caught up with yet??

    Completely unsolicited word of advice on the doughnuts – don’t leave them too long or the hairy mycs might get them first!!

  3. I don’t know what you’re talking about, lol. Either that or I edited my mistake.

    Trust a mathematic’s man to pick it up:-)

    Thank you for all your words of advice.


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