Today I passed the 47,000 word mark. I’m definitely on the home stretch, and if everything goes according to plan, I should finish first draft tomorrow or Monday.

I also spent time thinking about the plot and whether it had the dramatic tension I needed.

I have now made notes of places where I need to raise the stakes for my main character in draft two, put her in harm’s way more, make the reader more fearful for her.

Spent more time today enjoying the more artistic sights in Brisbane including two more mosaics, and a sculpture, Plant Form, by Robert Juniper.

Brisbane is a place where you can enjoy many small moments. I was admiring the skill of a girl walking through the mall today on the thinnest, stilettos I had seen. I marvelled at the fact that she could negotiate the cracks between the brick pavers without tripping. Then I realised this person was even more skilled than I first realised. She was reading a book while she walked. It seems that the bookworm is still alive and well.

I think I just made this blog post before midnight (Queensland time) so now it’s off for some shut eye in preparation for the writing challenges of tomorrow.

"Plant Form" by Robert Juniper

Happy writing.



  1. Hey Dee

    HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!! Today is the day to overindulge in chocolate – and smile about it when you do – no guilt!!!

    Strange how you noticed her shoes, and tiny heel first – then that she was reading a book! Oh my hat – she is one talented lady.

    47 000 – Fantastic news!!!!! So excited for you as your book comes together, love hearing about it.

    Have a great day today.

    Bye 4 now

  2. Happy Easter. Hope you got an egg parcel from “Where the Winds Meet”.

    Your blog is a damn fine read!! Sounds like you are having a fun and very productive time.

    Keep happily writing, BB

  3. Hi BB,

    Nice to see you on my blog. Hope you enjoyed your Easter and ate much chocolate. Glad you are enjoying my blog.

    I’ll be back “Where the Winds Meet”, soon.


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