I can’t believe that today is DAY 20! Where have those days gone?

Apart from what I achieved today in a writing sense, I was proud of myself for resisting this ‘chocolate buffet’, specially designed to tempt chocaholics like me.

I couldn't resist these little eggs though.

I thought I’d done really well, then I got back to the hotel after my walk and there was a basket of easter eggs waiting, right at the foot of the stairs.

I’m afraid I succumbed, and took one of each colour – just in case they had a different flavour, lol.

Today I had to stop about five times because the call of the pen beckoned me. I’m finding that the inspiration keeps coming if I use a pen and paper – only problem is I have to then type it onto the computer. Oh well.

I’m not sure why hand writing it out first works for me, perhaps it’s my connection to the paper – who knows? I don’t mind where the words come from, as long as they come.

There were quite a few speedboats on the river today, but it was still beautiful walking around Brisbane.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m a great admirer of any artistic talent so I was transfixed by the Charlie Chaplain human statue in the Mall. And when I gave him money, he came to life.

Another fun day in Brisbane and another great writing day. I’m now over 40,000 words and still going. I have to say, I NEVER expected to get this much writing done. It makes me realise how easily I allow myself to get distracted at home.

'Charlie Chaplin' came to life when you gave him money.

Today was also a milestone on the creative front because I decided exactly how this book is going to end. I’d already worked out the end of book 3, but wasn’t sure where Book 1 should finish and Book 2 should start.

But I figured it was just like writing any other book. I may be wrong here, because I’ve never attempted a series before, but I figured that Book 1 should finish just after the climax ( a very exciting event where the MC’s life is at risk) and the last line of the book will let the reader know that the MC is not out of danger yet.

If I’m doing it wrong, I’d welcome suggestions from series writers.

Happy writing:-)




  1. I’m enjoying these ‘fly on the wall’ experiences of you sharing the scaffolding and building of your novels, Dee.
    And can’t wait to read the books when they finally come out on the bookshelves, as I’m sure they will one day (seeing as I’ve had a sneak peak into Chapter 1

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