Yesterday was a day of breakages so today was a time to fix things. My first goal was to remedy the 3,000 words short I was from yesterday.

I got up early full of inspiration, and had my best day yet; around 8030 words. I am now back on target with just over 30,000 words written since I arrived in Brisbane 18 days ago. As you can probably tell, I’m feeling very pleased with this achievement.

I havent’ done much else today except write, but I did manage to wander past Glen’s Espresso and take a photo with my new camera.

I have found that my apartment, lovely as it is, is starting to feel a bit small. As well as missing my family, I’m missing the wide open spaces of home. The unique sculpted kangaroos aren’t quite the same as the ones grazing in our front paddock.

So today, I took my notepad and pen and spent a lot of the day outdoors. I’d decided against taking the laptop because it lacked spontaneity. With a pad and paper, you can just stop and write your idea down as soon as it appears in your head.

Now that's what I call a bus stop

I found that Brisbane is great for this sort of write/walk marathon. So many places to sit and ponder. My favourites were the bus stops, but there were also plenty of concrete walls and park benches to suit my purpose.

This style of writing might not work for everyone, but it seemed to work for me. Walking is great for generating ideas – and of course in Brisbane, the weather is also well suited to this kind of activity.

I also blogged again at my new Boomerang Books Kids’ Book Capers blog. Today, I interviewed the old sailor from Claire Saxby and Cassandra Allen’s book, There Was an Old Sailor. He’s a funny fellow, that Sailor…and he eats just about anything.

After such a big writing day, I’m off to phone my boys then treat myself to a night of reading.

Happy writing.




  1. So glad you’re getting in a lot of walking around our lovely city centre, Dee, and that you’re getting inspired. Can’t believe how quickly the time is fleeting though!

  2. Hey Dee

    You sounding a little homesick – and I don’t blame you, its along time away from your family and pets and everything that is familiar around you. Big hug to you!

    Wow 30k – thats fantastic news – wahoo! That is reason to celebrate – well done my friend!

    Bye 4 now

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