As soon as I saw Glen’s Sandwich board, I had a feeling that I was going to be in for a difficult day.

This was the last pic taken with my camera, which then decided to utter its last gasp.

Of course, if I’m honest,  I knew things had gone awry way before then. It was actually around the time the air conditioner stopped working at my accommodation, and my restless night was explained by a room temp of 28 degrees C.

Fortunately, all these things were material and could be remedied – a new camera and a canny air con technician soon had things back on track.

And in fact, I had a lovely morning at the art gallery and the State Library and was treated to a tour of the Queensland Writers’ Centre.

I returned to my apartment to the great news that many of my writerly friends had been awarded in the 2010 CBCA Notables and Shortlistings. Congratulations to all the worthy winners. The full results can be viewed at

It was also an exciting day for me because I have been appointed the new Kid’s book blogger at Boomerang Books, and you can check out my first post at

Okay, so I haven’t reached my 5,000 word goal today, but the night is still young:-)

Glen was right, life can be a lot harder than not, but that’s what makes the successes all the more sweet.

Happy writing.




  1. I am loving being part of your May Gibbs experience – thanks for sharing it in such wonderful detail. I check in every day. I hope the feedback you are getting on your blog is as inspiring as your posts are to us readers.

  2. Great news about the Boomerang blog. I’m with Melancholy Luke on the proportions, but as you say, it wouldn’t feel like success if we didn’t have to strive!

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