Today's message from Glen's Espresso

Today was a quieter day for me. After all Sunday’s festivities, I was feeling a little weary. I did however manage to get my 5,000 word target written, so that takes me up to 20,000 words.

The whole idea of this first draft is to get everything that’s in my head onto the computer or down on paper. There will be many more drafts, but this is a start. I need to get everything down so I can make sure it all fits together, and the clues are all there in the first and second books to keep the readers turning the pages to the third one.

On today’s walk I dropped into Glen’s Espresso cart for his daily dose of wisdom. As well as photographing today’s sandwich board, I discovered what a small world it is, and wondered what had led me to Glen’s part of the world. He confirmed that he grew up in the same town as a writer friend of mine. I never stop being amazed at the way people’s paths cross.

One of the park's local residents

Today I was writing a scene in a park so it seemed logical to sit in a park to write it. I have to confess I got some writing done, but ended up being totally distracted by the interesting people and happenings around me.

A kitted out QLD worker with his special hat

It was one of those days where fascinating things kept popping up in front of me. Since I’ve been in Brisbane, I’ve been totally enamoured of the hats worn by construction workers – a combination of a safety helmet and a sun hat – and

I can’t tell you how quaint these hats look from five storeys above. A cheery construction worker, working next to where I’m staying was happy to have his photo taken for my blog.

'The Hat'

Every day I find that writing is full of surprises, wonderful new characters and things to discover.

What other occupation allows you to inhabit your own little world?

Happy writing


P.S. Tomorrow on Tuesday Writing Tips, US Author Cynthia Vespia is dropping in to talk about how to build up suspense in your writing. Hope you can join us.



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