Today was a huge day for me. I got up really early and wrote 4,000 words. Being a lovely morning, I had my windows open and was treated to beautiful choral music from the church next door.

I abandoned the computer to have morning tea with my lovely niece, Emma who had travelled all the way from Byron Bay to see me.

Next on the agenda was the May Gibbs Literature Trust’s High Tea. It was a fabulous event. So many friendly faces, great food and wonderful chatter. I could go on about the fun, festivities, the venue etc, but I thought I’d let the pictures speak for themselves, so I’ve inserted them in a very disorderly manner  at the end of this post.

Thanks to the caterers, the library, the bookseller and of course to Judith Russell and her brother Murray and all the wonderful volunteers who made it such a great day.

Thanks also to my Brisbane friends and colleagues from the writing community who came along to show their support; Michael Gerard Bauer, Sheryl Gwyther, Julie Nickerson, Karen Collum and Lynn Priestley:-)

After the High Tea it was out for dinner with my good writerly friend, Julie Nickerson – a great way to finish off an amazing day.

I’m happy to report that I have now written 15,000 words, and am considering the possibility that I might get my first draft written before I leave Brisbane.

And now, after a huge day and fiddling around for ages trying to get the pics onto this post, I’m off to bed:-)

Happy writing.



fabulous food at the High Tea

I did a talk about what I've been working on

With my Brisbane writer friends

talking about complex plotting

more yummy food

And more food

The wonderful Judith Russell worked tirelessly as always to make the High Tea such a success



  1. Dee, you are an inspiration. I woke this morning and thought about you and I’m determined to take up my ‘big’ novel again. Although 4000 words just in the morning…pretty daunting for a pb writer!

  2. Hey Dee

    Ahhh just look at the fun you all had – sounds like it was totally wonderful! So glad you enjoyed it.

    Sorry I missed it! Mind you just looking at that food and my jeans are tight again without actually eating it – it looks scrumptious.

    And those words are mounting up – first draft will be finished in no time if you maintain momentum. Wahooo for Dee.

    Bye 4 now

  3. Deelicious, deelectable food for the deelightful Dee and her High(ness) Tea. You look kinda comfy in the regal plush purple chair. They’re treating you like royalty!

    Doubly sorry I missed it now – well, triply, actually, given the food AND the friends and the wise words of Dee!!

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