i found this interesting character waiting for a bus in Brisbane.

Today has been another big writing day, and at the end of it, I’m well on the way to 8,000 words which is great news for me because it means I’ll have something to talk about at my High Tea on Sunday.

With all the plotting and character development I did before I started, I’m happy to say that the words have been coming quite easily. I feel like I am just sitting at the computer and letting the characters speak for themselves.

Today, my main character discovered some significant information on the internet, and now it’s up to her what she does with it.

More walks around Brisbane included a visit to my favourite coffee cart to check out their words of wisdom, and I’ve enclosed a photo. I find Glen’s boards very serendipitous. Today, my character in my book was finding out about some of her sister’s secrets, and low and behold, Glen’s board was all about the spreading of secrets, lol

Don’t forget, you check out some of Glen’s other great sandwich boards at

And yes, I admit to badly missing my family, so today I sent them a postcard (even managed to find the post office) which I hope they receive before I get home:-)

Today, as I wandered around Brisbane, I also looked at some other great sculptures around the place. I love how diverse and original the sculptures are.  I love how clean and friendly and full of wonderful art and creativity Brisbane is.

Off to do more plotting.

Happy writing



  1. Thanks Lynn. I still have some work to do with the header, it’s not cooperating. But I haven’t been spending much time on it because I’ve been too busy writing.

    Happy writing to you too.


  2. Aye-yi-yi… I KNOW Glen! His home town is MY home town – and our mums are great friends. (His mum is a poet/writer too.) I can’t BELIEVE that you have stumbled onto his coffee shop.

    I haven’t seen Glen for many years, though, because he was just a ‘few’ years younger than me, but if you describe me to him I suspect he’ll know who I am… If not, email me for more clues. 😉

    It was the hometown article that did it. I can almost guarantee it was a poem!

  3. Have just checked out the link you gave more thoroughly – and I see it was a poem by Glen’s mum. 🙂

    Enjoy your High Tea Miss Dee. Sounds very classy! Cucumber sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, china cup ‘n’ saucer, with little finger just so in the air as you sip daintily. (Yes?) Wish I too could be so elegant, with you! 🙂

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