WIN an Autographed copy of a RANGER IN DANGER BOOK!

Alison Reynolds and Sean Willmore recently launched their two new, Ranger in Danger books.

Now you can WIN an autographed copy!


One lucky visitor to my deescribewriting blog will win a FREE COPY by putting a comment on this post saying what they like about the new Ranger in Danger computer game created by Five Mile Press at

Alison and Sean will judge the best entry and the winner will receive a free copy of one of their latest releases Diablo’s Doom and Hernando’s Labyrinth.

THE COMPETITION CLOSES: 31st MARCH 2010, and is only open to people residing in Australia

These two fabulous books were recently launched at the Werribee Zoo. Here’s a pic of Alison and Sean at the launch:

Alison said the launch was heaps of fun and admitted that she has never had the opportunity to be so close to wild animals before. She said, “Every photo shows someone smiling or laughing. It may have been because somehow whenever a speech was made the speech maker had to wear a pith helmet that was made for toddler heads, but I choose to think it was because it was fun.”


Happy writing.


P.S. Tomorrow Alison is visiting Tuesday Writing Tips and we are going to be talking about HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR NEW BOOK. Hope you can join us then.


15 thoughts on “WIN an Autographed copy of a RANGER IN DANGER BOOK!

  1. How did I miss this blog yesterday?

    Congrats Alison on your book – and LOVE the pic of you and the giraffe!!!!

    Haven’t got to go across to 5mile just yet – hopefully will get there soon and check out your game – love the series name and concept.

    Good luck with your new books!

    Thanks for having ‘The Rangers’ visit Dee.

    Bye 4 now

  2. It’s the greatest game I’ve ever played in the whole wide world! I like how it has the questions and it’s a bit challenging.

  3. Really hard. Still stuck on level 5 of 8. The questions are fun to answer and the teleporting masks are cool.

  4. Hey Dee

    Ok – got back to it – and I have to admit I am useless at that game. I can’t even free the first poor jaguar…. I can get to 300 points – but then can’t get to the steps to go free it….will see if my boys can do it.

    Will come back and let you know how the computer generation go!

    Bye 4 now

  5. Hey Dee

    Ok – the #1 said the platform game was fun and couldn’t believe I was calling him to play a computer game on my machine – and he ‘cracked’ it in no time at all putting his mum to total shame within seconds.

    Then he asked me please to go get the books – so – there you go. A new series to collect. The nod from our house – yahooo to Alison and Sean!

    Bye 4 now

  6. No good trying to compete with our kids when it comes to computer games. My boys got me onto Runescape – but once I’d ‘created’ my character, I wasn’t really interested in playing anymore:-)

    So glad that #1 enjoyed the game.


  7. I really liked the game, it is addictive and you can learn some really interestng facts

    i will enjoy reading the book

  8. Hey Dee

    #2 at last got to do the game. A tad slower than #1 he was persistent and did get to the end, (between you and me I think he missed most of the treasures along the way) and like #1 asked for the books.

    Thanks for that link.

    Bye 4 now

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