Today I discovered there are 103 steps up to my apartment. I thought I’d try and get a bit fitter while I’m here so I have decided not to use the lifts unless I’m completely exhausted or fully laden with shopping.

As part of this new fitness regime, I’m also trying to do a bit of light weight lifting.

Being a creative kind of person I decided to improvise and buy a couple of cans of baked beans. So the cans on this blog post are not symbols of an impoverished writer, nor are they a sign of an obsession with former Australian test cricketer Shane Warne who is well know for being partial to baked beans. My baked bean cans are simply a sign of a writer being resourceful.

And I have been resourceful in so many other ways today. I have joined up my plotting balloons with arrows and worked out the threads of the first book in the series.

I am also pleased to report that I have the first 500 words down on paper. I knew there would be no stopping me once I gave Lia free rein to tell her story.

Today has been so productive that I even fitted in all the mundane things like washing the clothes, and buying a new printer cartridge.

And I managed to take a little time out to have lunch with friend and Brisbane writer, Maree Kimberley… a writer still has to eat after all:-)

Happy writing.




  1. Hope you didn’t serve Maree baked beans! You have inspired me to go hog wild with butcher paper…my lounge room is littered with great white sheets and the dog is having a ball! I’m loving this journey, Dee. And the 103 steps is impressive.

  2. So glad I’m contributing to you and your dog’s entertainment, Lynn:-)

    No, we didn’t have baked beans, lol. Thanks for your lovely comments as always. I’m loving the journey too:-)


  3. You are being industrious – 132 stairs and baked bean tins for arm lifts – wow….

    Happy Birthday for today 23rd – see ya to celebrate later – because a writer needs to celebrate every achievement along the way!!

    Bye 4 now

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