This month Alison Reynolds and Sean Willmore celebrate the release of their two great new books….

So once you have a great new book in your hand…or perhaps two, how do you let people know about it?

Alison had some questions for me about marketing and generously agreed to share the media planning with deescribewriting blog readers. So before making suggestions, I asked her the following questions:

1. Do you have any existing media contacts – press or radio or tv etc?

I don’t, but my co-author Sean Willmore has links with Triple R and has appeared on the 7.30 report three times, and has been featured in an Australian Story and The Age.

2. Who are your local newspapers?

Progress Leader

3. What themes/topics are in your books – are there any mags where you could get a review/article eg one about wild animals etc?

The themes are environment, wildlife, and wildlife/cultural rangers, so hopefully there should be some mags it would appeal too. Good idea!

4. Are there any gov’t departments/educational units that might feature your books in their publications/newsletters etc?

We’re going to be in the zoo shops, Parks Victoria, Snowgum and online at

5. Do you or the other author have an interesting story to tell surrounding the creation of these books?

Sean has an extremely interesting story to tell as he mortgaged house to finance year long trip of national parks throughout the world and filmed The Thin Green Line. As a result he started The Thin Green Line Foundation to support  the families of rangers who were killed in the line of duty.

6. Is/was there a launch for the books – if so, where and when?

Launch at Werribee Zoo.

7. Do the books cover any popular themes/issues?

I think adventure books  are inherently interesting. Also it was written as a decide your destiny, so the reader will have lots of choices to make. Wild animals are also popular.

8. Have you ever done a blog tour?

No, I’m ashamed to say I don’t even have a blog. I’m not sure who the audience would be of a blog.


Promoting your book is all about reaching your readers so when you are letting the media know about its release, you need to look at who the relevant media outlets are.

Here’s what I would do:

1.    Identify relevant media outlets these would include:

  • local newspapers
  • national newspapers – send review copies of book if possible
  • local radio stations
  • television producers of programs about nature/animals etc – particularly programs for kids
  • Any media I had dealt with before – in Sean’s case, this would be Triple R and ABC
  • School Magazines – may be interested in interviews
  • Literacy Publications
  • Publications for teachers
  • Parenting publications like Melbourne’s Child etc
  • Writing Publications eg writer’s centre newsletters – talking about what it’s like to collaborate with another writer on a series – especially one you may not have previously met.
  • Wildlife/animal publications – particularly those relevant to kids.

2.    I would write a press release including the following information:

  • Brief information about the books
  • What’s unique about these books?  Choose your own adventures
  • What’s unique about the authors?
  • What’s relevant about these books? – for example, baby elephant births are big news in Australia at the moment.
  • Any interesting information behind why the books were written
  • Who would read these books?
  • Any interesting facts that the media might be able to use as a hook/slant for their piece
  • Specific information relevant to the media/type of publication you are sending the press release to.
  • Invite the media to contact you for an interview.
  • Organise a good photo of the authors and the book to circulate with the press release.

3.   Other things I would do to promote this book

  • Set up a blog and include some great activities for kids centred around the book – this could be connected in with the Zoos – cross promotional opportunity here.
  • Have a competition on my blog.
  • Take the books on a blog tour.
  • Get the books as widely reviewed as possible
  • Tweet about the books
  • Set up a Facebook Fan page for the books
  • Do author visits to schools and conferences
  • See where the books might fit in the school curriculum and think up relevant activities that teachers could use in classrooms

Congratulations Alison and Sean on your beautiful new books.

Happy promoting.


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  1. Dee I found this fascinating. So much to think about after the book is finalised.

    Ranger books look like a winner – at last books where children can have adventure, excitement, the opportunity to choose the way through the book and indirectlly learn so much about wildlife.
    Plus a real life ranger to help Alison with promotion. I’m sure schools would be interested in having Alison and Sean along.

    Maureen Edwards

  2. Thanks Maureen,

    I agree – these books are great for kids who like adventure and wildlife.

    Feel free to enter the competition on my blog to win a free autographed copy:-)


  3. Awesome post, Dee. Thanks so much! I now have a checklist of what to do when my books are ready for release. I can’t tell you how much more confident I feel about this side of things now. Thank you!

  4. Thanks Karen,

    I’m glad you found it useful. For today’s writer, it seems that getting that book published is just the first step – then you have to let everyone know about it.


  5. Thanks so much for this fantastic advice, Dee.
    I’m starting to work slowly through it.
    Have actually joined facebook.
    Am having a competition on your blog! Thank you.
    Will start on my own blog soon.
    And will contact local paper. And move through your other suggestons.
    And once I thought the work stopped once the final copy of the book was handed in!
    And book 6 is due end of next month!
    Thanks again,

  6. Thanks Alison, so glad you have found it useful.

    You’re right, holding the published book in your hand is just ‘one of the steps’…a fabulous one, though…such a great feeling to hold your book in your hand…now you just have to let people know that your wonderful new book is out there waiting for them to pick off the shelf in a bookstore:-)

    Good luck with it all.


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