I can’t believe that today I have been in Brisbane for ONE WHOLE WEEK already.

You know you’ve settled into a place when someone stops and asks you directions to somewhere you’ve never heard of and looks at you suspiciously when you say, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you. I’m not from around here.”

Hard at work plotting

Now that the workshops are finished (except for From Portrait to Prose on 7th April), I’ve been seriously getting into the writing. I applied for the May Gibbs Fellowship to work on my YA psychological thriller series. It’s a very complex thing – lots happening over three books and the ‘baddy’ not revealed till the end.

So I needed to do lots of plotting, and lots of scheming and laying out clues. I also needed the space to lay out large sheets of butcher’s paper to help me work out how this is all going to fit together.

That’s where this fellowship is such a wonderful opportunity for me – away from all other distractions, with the time and space to get my head around everything that’s going to happen.

Today, apart from going a fair way to plotting book one, I was also able to work out the Point of View for each book in the series – but more about that in future posts.

Enjoying food for thought with author Julie Nickerson. "Chocolate anyone?"

After working hard in the morning, I took a bit of time off in the afternoon to catch up  with good friend and QLD author of Pippa’s Perfect Ponytail, Julie Nickerson for hot chocolate and chocolate (you can never overdo chocolate, can you?)

Tomorrow I’m going to interview my main characters and find out just what secrets they haven’t told me – and where they fit in the story. After that, it will be time to give the computer keyboard a serious workout.



  1. The plotting worked well didn’t it, Jules? In the ‘chocolate equation’, I don’t think you’re counting that butterscotch hot chocolate I drank, lol (you kind person, you:-)

    Happy plotting:-)


  2. I’m loving all that white paper and planning, Dee. I’m digging my butcher paper out tomorrow and redecorating the walls for a while. I’m really enjoying these posts. Good to see you are keeping superb company. And the chocolate’s nice too!

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