My May Gibbs adventure is every bit as exciting as it was this time yesterday.

BUT! Confession time: I haven’t written anything today – it has been one of those ‘thinking days’ – the kind of days that all writers need to delve into their main character’s head, and try and pin point exactly what it is that is starting them on this journey. I haven’t nailed it yet, but I think I’m getting close.

Today I’ve been soaking up the ambience; reading the journals left by writers and illustrators before me, and soaking up the creative vibes that permeate from these walls. (I also had to chase up more tea bags:-)

I have included above, a photo of THE Brisbane May Gibbs LOCKED CUPBOARD, which may not look like much to the untrained eye, but all who have temporarily dwelled in this apartment will know that it’s full of untold goodies.

To protect the identities of the innocent I was not able to photograph what was inside this cupboard but I can tell you that apart from some extremely useful appliances and nick nacks, it’s full of wonderful books by some incredibly talented authors and illustrators. I was able to photograph those. (But I had to remove them from ‘the cupboard’).

Being given the key to ‘the cupboard’ was like being admitted into a fantasy world. The anticipation of opening the door was almost overwhelming…my imagination ran riot…what would I find behind that locked door?

Sorry, I can’t tell you, LOL. But I can tell you that I had lots of fun wondering what ordinary guests of the hotel think when they encounter that locked cupboard. I bet THEY are also dying to know what’s inside it. There HAS TO BE A STORY THERE! It’s going to haunt me till I get it down on paper.

I’ve also included a pic looking out the window at one of the historic churches nearby.

Courtesy of the every-helpful Judith Russell, my ‘giant’ table arrived today, so I’ll be able to spread out my butcher’s paper and start plotting in earnest.

Tomorrow is the first of 11 workshops at the State Library of Queensland and I can’t wait. I’m going to be helping kids from Years 5 to 10 build their own Heroes and Villains then create stories around them.

So today has been more of an exploration into a writer’s world rather than the project at hand. But I’ll get onto it tomorrow – I promise.

Happy writing



  1. Don’t tease me with the locked cupboard!!! Is it like in the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe?? Aaaah, so many imaginative possibilities…guess the only way to really find out would be to score myself a May Gibbs Fellowship LOL So glad you got your giant table. Good luck tomorrow – not that you’ll need it. The kids will have a blast!

  2. There’s a secret cupboard? The application never promised cupboards! And you get big tables and butchers’ paper? What fun!

  3. Locked door….hmmm I’m glad it didn’t stay locked! Too distracting! And
    a huge table sounds fabulous – lots of elbow room available to dig deep into your characters. Sounds blissful.

  4. Everything I could possibly need here, Lynn (except my family and my animals of course – but the dog is afraid of heights and I’m afraid the goats would make a bit of a mess in here. The cats would be okay, and the rabbits would like it, but they’re banned in Queensland:-)


  5. I agree – and our girl and boy bunny had a little visit to the vet so they are never going to have any baby bunnies.

    I have heard that some people in QLD pass their bunnies off as long-eared guinea pigs – just a rumour of course:-)


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