The reason I’m up at 4.00am writing this post isn’t just that I have to get my eldest out of bed at 5.15am to go to his school athletic’s carnival, and I’m paranoid I’ll sleep through the alarm.

It’s also become I’m buzzing with excitement – albeit through sleepy eyes.

Tomorrow, I fly to Brisbane to start my May Gibbs Creative Time Residency Fellowship and in case you haven’t guessed already…I can’t wait.

Not only will this give me the chance to catch up with my lovely Queensland writerly colleagues, but it will also allow me to pay attention to those clamouring characters in my head – the ones that have been dying to burst out and tell their story – the ones I’ve been deliberately keeping at bay until I get to Brisbane.

For one whole month I’m going to be working on my new YA psychological thriller series.

I’m already missing my boys and my menagerie in advance, but with the wonderful advances of modern technology I will be able to keep in regular contact through Facebook, Twitter and emails. If I’m lucky, they might even pay me a visit during the school holidays (the boys at least…unfortunately, you can’t have rabbits in Queensland – unless you are a magician).

Anyway, I digress – this month in Brisbane is ALL ABOUT WRITING!

My first week is going to be a huge amount of fun – doing a series of workshops for yrs 5 to 10 at the State Library of Queensland called Heroes and Villains, which is already fully subscribed (thanks to all the friendly and very helpful staff at SLQ who have worked so hard to bring all this together).

During that week, I’ll be working on my planning and research for my series…AND AFTER THAT…it’s fingers to the keyboard, and three weeks of serious writing.

Being awarded a May Gibbs Creative Time Residency Fellowship is one of my most exciting writerly achievements, and I intend to savour it.

So I’ve set myself the goal of writing a blog post EVERY DAY about what I’m doing/have been doing that day in a world that will for those four weeks be devoted entirely to writing.

Hope you enjoy my posts. Feel free to ask any questions as we go.


P.S. Tuesday Writing Tips will continue as usual for the month I’m away.


10 thoughts on “BRISBANE HERE I COME

  1. Yay! Can’t wait to see you in not-so-sunny Brisbane. So glad the boys might be able to come and visit – a month is a long time to be apart for you and them.

    Look forward to seeing you at your ‘High Tea’ (I keep saying High Tea with Dee like I’m some sort of incredible poet LOL) and hope the workshops go well. Then you can dive right into your books! Safe travels.

  2. Have a wonderful, productive time in Brisbane, Dee. i’m sure you’ll enjoy every minute of it. Looking forward to following your blog while there.

  3. Looking forward to you arriving, Dee! Re connecting with the boys while you’re away, don’t forget SKYPE.

    I also look forward to your posts while you’re up here.

    At my May Gibbs Residency I had planned to write posts about the writing I was doing too, but they ended up little stories about some amazing, interesting, intriguing things I experienced in Adelaide itself.

    See you soon,

  4. Hey Dee

    Can’t wait to catch up with you when you are here – and once more – wahooo about the residency – you deserve it soooo much!

    Bye 4 now

  5. Thanks Tracey, Tina and Angela,

    I’m sure I’m going to have a fabulous time in Brisbane…and I am really looking forward to catching up with some QLD writerly friends, and sorry I won’t have a chance to catch up with the more northerly ones.


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