Yesterday marked the end of the Tuesday Writing Tips blog tour, and I have to confess to mixed feelings. It was fun visiting so many great blogs, and I gathered some great writing tips along the way. The sad part is that it’s over.

My blog hosts were fantastic – very hospitable, and great cooks too. The thing about cyber apple pie is that there are no pips, lol.

Anyway, in case you missed the tour, here’s where we’ve been and what we talked about.

2nd Feb – http://letshavewords.blogspot.com We visited Claire Saxby, author of the wonderful new picture book, There Was an Old Sailor, and discovered how important it is to leave room for the illustrator when you are writing a picture book text.

9th Feb – https://deescribewriting.wordpress.com (that’s here) we discovered that there are quite a lot of similarities between editing and reviewing.

16th February – we visited Sandy Fussell at http://sandyfussell.blogspot.com to find out what writers should be reading – Sandy’s new book Jaguar Warrior is well worth the read.

23rd February – we visited author and screenwriter Robyn Opie at http://robynopie.blogspot.com and learned how to turn a 1200 word story into a 10,000 word published novel. (Black Baron – a favourite with my boys).

2nd March – we ate scrumptious apple pie at the home of Angela Sunde http://angelasunde.blogspot.com and discussed all the different types of Point of View and which one best suits your story.

You can check out the tips in depth at the above blogs.

Thanks to everyone who followed the tour. If you have a writing question, feel free to leave it in the comments section of this post.

Happy writing, and thanks to all my wonderful blog hosts.