TUESDAY WRITING TIPS BLOG TOUR – Adding Layers to Your Story

Tomorrow at Tuesday Writing Tips, we’re visiting Robyn Opie’s blog http://robynopie.blogspot.com to talk about how to turn your 1200 word story into a 10,000 word published book.

Robyn will share her experiences writing her highly acclaimed, Black Baron, published by Walker Books in their Lightning Strikes series.

Hope you can join us then when we chat with Robyn about how to add layers to your story.


2 thoughts on “TUESDAY WRITING TIPS BLOG TOUR – Adding Layers to Your Story

  1. Looking forward to Robyn’s contribution. I am writing a growing stash of short stories and wangling this story format into ” REAL BOOKS!” would be very useful for the future. Goodonya!

  2. As a person on the more frustrating end of the writing game ie. not getting much work accepted at all really, I just wanted to put the question out there… is there any point at which you or your friends have given up or nearly given up writing for children?

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