I often hear writers talking about how important it is to ‘read’ – and it makes sense.
After all, it helps you to check out the competition, and also gives you an idea of what readers like and don’t like – of style, technique and so many things.

As a writer, I know how much I learn from what other people have written.

Today we’re off to visit Samurai Kids author, Sandy Fussell at www.sandyfussell.blogspot.com to talk about why writers need to be avid free-range readers.

Sandy’s going to be giving me a great tip that I’ll be posting back here when I return from my visit to her place.

I’m also excited to advise that Sandy’s new book, Jaguar Warrior is coming out on 1st March. Here’s more about it:

I hope you are enjoying the Tuesday Writing Tips Blog Tour. I know I am. I’m collecting so many great tips along the way.

Next week we’re off to visit Robyn Opie to talk about adding layers to your story.

In case you’ve missed any stops. Here are the complete tour dates.

2ND February 2010 Claire Saxbyhttp://letshavewords.blogspot.com Writing Picture Books – Leaving room for the illustrator.
9th February 2010 Dee Whitehttps://deescribewriting.wordpress.com Reviewing ‘There Was an Old Sailor’Reviewing vs Editing skills.
16th February 2010 Sandy Fussellwww.sandyfussell.blogspot.com Writers Need to be avid free range readers
23rd February 2010 Robyn Opiewww.robynopie.blogspot.com How to make your story longer – adding layers.
2ND March 2010 Angela Sundewww.angelasunde.blogspot.com More about Point of View – head hopping.

Happy writing (and reading)


4 thoughts on “TUESDAY WRITING TIPS BLOG TOUR – Reading To Write

  1. I read in order to write,the only reason I started writing was because of the book I was reading a few years ago.

    Care to read some of my stuff,I’m a young aspiring writer and wish to be published one day,I have sent my idea to a publishing company and they were intrested,now the only thing left is to write the book 🙂

  2. Thanks for dropping in. Some of the things I did when I started out were to join a writer’s group, visited my local writer’s centre and found out about any free/cheap courses or other writing resources that might help me, built a network of likeminded writers who I could share my work with and get constructive feedback from. But the most important thing I discovered was to write, write and write some more.

    Good luck with your writing.


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