If you’ve read my YA novel, Letters to Leonardo, you’ll have discovered that I have a long-held fascination with the amazing and talented Leonardo da Vinci.

In Letters to Leonardo, my main character Matt writes to the long dead painter as a way of making sense of what’s happening in his own life. He relates events and people to Leonardo’s paintings.

Dear Leonardo,

…they never fooled you with their lies did they, Leo? You just have to look at your paintings to know, “There’s someone who sees right to the heart of everything.”

So, as you can see, my interest in Leonardo da Vinci probably falls under the ‘obsession’ category.

Which is why I was dismayed to hear that ‘they’ are planning to exhume his body so they can study his skull to determine whether the Mona Lisa is based on Leonardo himself or his mother.

Now I’m no scientist, but wouldn’t his mother’s skull be a similar shape to his?

So, what will all this really show us?

That some people will go to any lengths to ‘prove’ something.

As a writer, I can understand this quest for discovery. As a person, I cringe at the thought.

I say,”Leave Leonardo in peace”.




  1. I’ve got to agree with you. I saw this on the news the other night, and I thought, who cares if it’s a self portrait? Is it really worth disturbing this guy’s bones to find out some triviality? What’s it going to prove, anyway? It’s not like the discovery will cure cancer or wipe out hunger, or even tell us some stunning new detail about the history of mankind. Let the poor man rest in peace.

  2. Seems that Big Brother doesn’t confine itself to probing the secrets of the living anymore. Ugh!
    Who knows, perhaps Leonardo just wanted to paint a picture of a lady!

  3. Haven’t there been enough studies on this to prove that Lennie was strict about geometry and proportion, and that almost all of his faces could line up? Ridiculous. Would he ever think we would get so obsessed? He should have titled and signed the damn thing! Just heard about your book. Congrats!

  4. Thanks Lonnie for the book congrats.

    No, I don’t think Leonardo would ever have thought we’d get obsessed with this…mind you, I’m not one to talk lol. I am a self-confessed Leonardo da Vinci obsessive – but would NEVER go to those lengths. I definitely prefer to admire him from afar. Maybe the instigators of this whole thing are still kids at heart and can’t cope with someone having a ‘secret’. Although for me, one of the attractions of any art form is that it’s open to interpretation – who really wants to know every single detail?


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