TUESDAY WRITING TIP – PICTURE BOOKS – Leaving Room for the Illustrator

One of my writerly friends, Claire Saxby creates the most beautiful picture books. (Ebi’s Boat, A Nest for Kora, and Sheep, Goat and the Creaking Gate.)

Oh and of course there’s her wonderful new book, There Was an Old Sailor – just released yesterday!  (More on that at deescribewriting next week)

Claire manages to say so much in so few words. Today as part of the Tuesday Writing Tips blog tour, we’re off to visit her blog http://letshavewords.blogspot.com

Today Claire will talk to us about how to write picture books that leave room for the illustrator – so that pictures and words work together in perfect harmony.

So, come with me! Let’s talk picture books with Claire at http://letshavewords.blogspot.com and find out how she creates her beautiful books – and she has some great tips for picture book writers.

See you at Claire’s place.


P.S. Claire is going to give us a great writing tip that will be posted here later.