TUESDAY WRITING TIP – Networking for Writers

Pickachew bunny had his paws crossed that another rabbit would drop by one day;

I did warn you that the rabbits were going to hop into a blog post some time soon – and today’s the day.

It seemed appropriate to bring the bunnies into the conversation because we’re going to be talking about networking – and that’s something they’re very good at. They are the gentlest, most sociable animals I’ve ever known.

We started life with one bunny – a white fluffy boy called Pickachew – and when a stray brown girl bunny (Cosi) arrived on our doorstep, it was love at first sight.

We all fell in love with Cosi the stray bunny from the minute we saw her.

Up until then, Pickachew had been doing very well on his own – he wasn’t actually alone – we already had two cats, a dog and two goats – all of whom accepted Pickachew into the fold. But once Cosi arrived, Pickachew soon realized how wonderful it was to be amongst company of his own kind – and that’s the way it is with writers.

We work alone, but many of us love to meet with other writers to talk about what we do and the industry we work in.

That’s how we learn about so many things – not just about writing. We learn who is publishing what, we learn about what agents want (and don’t want). We learn how to deal with the dreaded ‘rejection’ and how it’s one step closer to being published. We learn that we are not alone – that what we do isn’t some bizarre type of brain cleansing ritual – it’s what people are doing all over the world – and it’s okay…even great…to be a writer.

On many occasions, networking has saved my sanity – and in the case of Letters to Leonardo, attending a SCBWI conference led to publication.

I am also a member of a couple of yahoogroups for writers and you can find these on the yahoogroups home page www.groups.yahoo.com

(There are quite a few to choose from.)


There are many, but these are some of the ones I belong to that offer writing tips and resources for writers are:



  • #yalitchat
  • #litchat
  • #kidlitchat
  • #wordchat
  • #scribechat

I am also a member of my local writer’s centre and several writer’s groups, Jacketflap, the Australian Society of Authors, the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI) and Linked In http://au.linkedin.com/pub/dee-white/12/3a8/b13


Conferences are great for meeting publishers and agents, learning from other writers – and feeling like you belong.

I attend conferences whenever I can. I fund my attendance by:

  • Being a speaker
  • Being a volunteer
  • Interviewing international authors and writing pieces about them for magazines
  • Doing whatever I can to earn the money to go.


Seeing as it’s Australia Day today, I thought I’d prepare a special list for my Aussie Writer friends.


Both these newsletters have great reviews, publishing industry news and writing articles. I have found out all sorts of useful info here:

Pass It On – http://jackiehoskingpio.wordpress.com

Buzz Words – http://www.buzzwordsmagazine.com/

Twitter list of Australian Children’s Authors www.twitter.com/katrinagermein/aust-children-s-authors

I hope you’ve found this useful. The bunnies have enjoyed ‘hopping in’.

I know there are probably stacks of groups and forums that I’ve missed. If you’re a member of one that you’d like to let other writers know about it, please leave the name and URL in the comments section of this post.


Next Tuesday, I’m starting the Tuesday Writing Tips blog tour. I’ll be visiting some great sites and collecting some very useful writing tips.

Here are the tour details:

2ND February 2010 Claire Saxby’s bloghttp://letshavewords.blogspot.com Writing Picture Books – Leaving room for the illustrator.
9th February 2010 Dee’s blog (that’s HERE:-))https://deescribewriting.wordpress.com Reviewing ‘There Was an Old Sailor’Reviewing vs Editing skills.
16th February 2010 Sandy Fussell’s blogwww.sandyfussell.blogspot.com Writers Need to be avid free range readers
23rd February 2010 Robyn Opie’s blogrobynopie.blogspot. How to make your story longer – adding layers.
2ND March 2010 Angela Sunde’s blogwww.angelasunde.blogspot.com More about Point of View – head hopping.

Hope you can join me on tour.

Don’t miss next Tuesday’s Writing Tip. It’s all about writing picture books – and leaving room for the illustrator. And we’ll be celebrating the release of Claire Saxby’s gorgeous new picture book, “There was an Old Sailor” Hope you can join us then.

Happy writing.


16 thoughts on “TUESDAY WRITING TIP – Networking for Writers

  1. Just can’t wait for next week. I’m writing a picture book and it’s like, ‘AAAARGGGHHH’. Any tips to help nail it are more than welcome. You are so generous!

  2. Hi Dee, There are a few sites in your blog I haven’t heard about. It’s made me realize that I need to stop researching and just write, write, write! I’ll still stop by your blogs, though. Cheers, Marjorie.

  3. Thanks for dropping in Marjorie. I’m sure there are lots more sites I have missed:-) I know what you mean; sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in research – and there comes a point where you have to say…enough…I’m going to write now:-)

    Happy writing.


  4. Thanks Sally,

    I know that when I was starting out, it was really hard to know where to go for this sort of information.


  5. Ah, Dee!

    This is great. 🙂

    New writers will truly appreciate all this information. Here in one post is listed what took me three years to find out.

    Yay you!

  6. What a great list! And I was so delighted to see Scribblerati.com listed as a networking site for writers. You may want to add #ScribeChat to your list of hashtags to follow on Twitter—it’s Scribblerati’s new chat for writers, airing every Thursday on Twitter at 6-7 pm PT/9-10 ET.

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