SALLY MURPHY SHARES CHRISTMAS SECRETS – And talks about her beautiful new book, Snowy’s Christmas

Sally MurphyTalented and prolific author, Sally Murphy is here today to talk about her ‘just released’ picture book, “Snowy’s Christmas”.

I am so pleased to welcome Sally back to my blog, and hear all about her wonderful new creation. Just for fun, I thought we’d focus today’s interview on “Favourite things”

Sally, what is your favourite part about Christmas?

Everything! I LOVE Christmas. I love seeing my kids emptying their sacks on Christmas morning, and spending quality time together. And singing Christmas carols, and reading Christmas books, and eating yummy Christmas food and the lights and the tree and….

What was your favourite Christmas story when you were a child?

Funnily, I don’t remember any specific Christmas stories, apart from versions of the biblical story – which I’m glad I was taught. I do remember receiving a Little Golden Book which was a Christmas story – I think a version of the Little Drummer boy. What I remember most significantly is that there were TWO copies of the same book in my stocking – one was apparently meant for my big sister. But I think perhaps there weren’t many picture book type offerings just about Christmas, certainly not on the scale they are now. And I have dozens of them now – a great collection which is packed away each year until December.

What is your favourite Christmas memory?

As a child we had a lounge room door which closed and locked. The key was always in the door – except on Christmas morning. We all gathered at the door until Mum and Dad were up and everyone was there. Then the door would be unlocked and we would rush in and see what Father Christmas had left. It always seemed so magical!

What was your favourite Christmas present?

Ooh – not a physical present, but the joy of seeing my kids on Christmas morning.

What was your favourite part about writing this book?

Creating a very Australian offering. At the time I wrote the first draft (five or six years ago)  all the Christmas  books available featured snow and ice and were imported. I wanted to do something Australian. Of course, in the meantime, there have been several other Australian Christmas books published, which I think is wonderful.

What is your favourite part about working with an illustrator?

The surprise of seeing what they make of my words. I am not a visual person, so I don’t have preconceived ideas about how the tsory will appear. It is always fun to see the story brought to life.

What is  your favourite character trait in Snowy?

Snowy's Christmas cover

Snowy's Christmas cover

His vulnerability. He is different from the other roos, and feels this strongly He discovers that difference is good, with the help of his understanding mother and the wonderful Ash.

What is your favourite writing tip?

Read what you want to write. It’s amazing how many people want to write children’s books, for example, but don’t read children’s books. You need to love the genre you want to write in, and  read read read.

What is your favourite part about being a writer?

Acceptances – and, of course, eventually seeing my name on the cover. There’s nothing like it.

Thank you so much for visiting us, Sally. It has been wonderful talking with you about Snowy – and I’m sure he will become a Christmas favourite with lots of Aussie and overseas kids.

Later on today, (in about an hour’s time), Snowy’s Illustrator, David Murphy is visiting this blog and he’s going to talk about his favourite Christmassy things, and illustrating Sally’s picture book.

It’s a particularly exciting event for me because I have never had a real, live illustrator come to visit.

Hope you’ll drop back later to meet David.

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  1. Dear: Sally Murphy,

    I’ve started reading your story Pearl verses the world and
    it has been very interesting right now I’m up to the part where Pearl is sad because her grandma is dead, and she thinks when she gets home it won’t be true, so I think it is true that her granny is dead.

    Well, I have to be going bye.

    Yours sincerely

    Marina Savelio

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