letterstoleonardolrgI was lucky enough to be invited to launch “Letters to Leonardo” at the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival on the weekend.

And writers from all over Australia were there to help me celebrate.

Byron Bay Writer's festival launch
Byron Bay Writer’s festival launch

It struck me all over again how wonderfully supportive children’s writers are. Even though Thomas Keneally was in conversation in a distant marquee, a good crowd gathered to help Matt and I make our way in the world.

I was thrilled to have Anna Fienberg launching my book

I was thrilled to have Anna Fienberg launching "Letters to Leonardo".


I was thrilled to have Letters to Leonardo launched by hugely popular children’s author and lovely person, Anna Fienberg, who talked at length about all the things she loved about Letters to Leonardo. (And happened to mention that she thought that the ending was ‘perfect’) *grin*.

Anna’s signing queue at the festival was massive and it truly made me appreciate the time she took out from her busy schedule to read and launch my book.




Local author Tristan Bancks, who was also in great demand at the festival, took time out from his writing, workshops, author presentations, deadlines and his gorgeous young family to give me his support.

Local author Tristan Bancks took time out from his busy schedule to be at my launch.

Local author Tristan Bancks took time out from his busy schedule to be at my launch.

Dee and Jules Nickerson

Jules Nickerson and her lovely family came all the way from Brisbane for the day.

It was great to see two of my Queensland writing buddies, Julie Nickerson and Angela Sunde and their families who travelled all the way to Byron just for my launch. So easy to do my presentation with their smiling faces beaming at me from the crowd.

And what a thrill it was to meet other writers from around Australia who I had never met, but had followed my blog tour and cyber launch.

 The Byron Bay Festival organisers were wonderfully supportive in helping me arrange my launch, and I’d like to thank Jeni Caffin and Sarah Ma for all their hard work.

 Thanks also to my wonderful friend Julie (we’ve been friends since we were 12), and her husband Richard who made me so welcome in their Byron Bay home.

The Byron Bay festival was attended by thousands of people and was a very casual friendly affair; with around 100 great writers and presenters. What an amazing experience to wander from marquee to marquee, listening to these people talk.

Dee on stageMy other excitement for the day occurred in the book marquee, when one of the sales people yelled to another, “Do you know where Dee White’s book is?” To which I piped up, “I’m Dee White, and my book is over there.” *grin*.

My launch was on kid’s day, and it was fantastic to see all the young readers and aspiring writers around. (And they seemed to enjoy the ‘thank you for coming to my launch’ Crunchie bars at my launch).


 The Crunchie bars were very popular at my launch.

The Crunchie bars were very popular at my launch. 


Thanks to everyone involved for making my Byron Bay Letters to Leonardo launch an unforgettable experience.

Byron Bay locals

  Some Byron Bay locals:-)



  1. We were very excited to be invited, Dee! Rhys took great delight telling his swimming teacher this morning how “We went to Dee White’s book launch on Saturday. You know, the author of ‘Letters to Leonardo’!” You’re very famous up here 🙂

    It was great to see you and I loved the book (and the Crunchies!). C U @ CYA!

  2. Thanks Sheryl and Jules. Wow, it’s very exciting to be famous….I think:-) Glad you enjoyed the Crunchies. My boys were very happy with the ‘leftovers’.


  3. Love the red top(s), Dee. Looks vibrant in the photos – and matches the book. (That’s important!)

    Sounds like a buzzingly good day. Looking forward to sharing the next round with you at the CYA. REALLY looking forward to it!


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