j0384809Right from the start, every single person at Walker Books Australia (our publishers) has been fantastic – friendly, helpful, enthusiastic – so great to work with.

But there’s one person who we worked really closely with over the last twelve months – Senior Editor – and all round patient, kind and wonderful person, Sue Whiting.

Sue helped Matt to discover his voice – and Dee find out that she used some words far too many times – especially the word, ‘weird’ – weird huh?

We are so delighted to have Sue here today to talk about Letters to Leonardo and the journey we have all taken together.

And on this special occasion, Sue has swapped her editor’s hat for a party hat. Over to you, Sue.


I first heard of Letters to Leonardo by chance. I was sitting opposite Dee at the SCBWI conference dinner at the Hughenden Hotel in Sydney. She was excitedly talking to the person beside her about the manuscript. The title was intriguing. Dee’s enthusiasm was palpable. Curious to know more, I asked Dee to tell me about it. I was so fascinated by the concept behind the manuscript, that before we even received our entrées, I had invited her to submit it to Walker Books. And when a number of weeks later, I finally sat down to read it, I was not disappointed. Far from it.

Congratulations, Dee. Letters to Leonardo is a wonderful debut YA novel and you should be enormously proud of yourself. You have worked so hard, not only in the last twelve months or so as you slogged through the various rounds of edits, but over the many long years prior that you toiled over and persisted with the manuscript. Your efforts have certainly paid off.

Letters to Leonardo is a unique tale, beautifully written. It’s poignant. It’s compelling. It packs a powerful punch. It will take readers on an emotive journey and it is impossible not to be moved by the experience.

I wish you and Letters to Leonardo every success, Dee.

Sue Whiting

Senior Editor

Walker Books Australia




  1. I remember being at that table. Who could have foretold that the conversation begun at that table would lead to this day?

    Congratulations to you Dee. It’s a great story and it’s a beautiful book.

    Have a wonderful day celebrating


  2. Thanks Claire,

    I wasn’t going to ‘name names’, but you are certainly one of the people that Matt and I thank most sincerely for today:-)

    Dee and Matt:-)

  3. Hi Dee,

    Wasn’t trying to get any credit, coz none is due. Just musing about how it would be if we knew then the journey the book would take.


  4. I know that Claire, but if I hadn’t been telling you my story, maybe none of this would have happened. Every writer needs a ‘lucky charm’ and a writing buddy like you:-)

    You just never know how these journeys will end, do you?


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