Note to self, do blog updates first thing in the morning, otherwise time runs away from you and you find it has been more than a week since your last post – and you think to yourself, how did that happen? I’m sure it was only yesterday that I last posted on my blog.

But a lot has been achieved in that week.

  • Word search is done and ready to upload
  • Sneak Peek is done and ready to upload
  • Movie Book preview is ready to upload
  • YA reviewers have their books and are reading as we ‘speak’
  • Launcher piece organised and ready to roll
  • Five Fast Facts

Yakes, there’s still lots to do:

  • Article about making your own movie book preview
  • Piece where Matt interviews me
  • Tips for young writers on starting your story
  • Classroom writing activity
  • Audio
  • Myspace & Teacher Tube

Just as well, I have ALL day tomorrow to get this sorted – better glue myself to my desk.

Why the urgency to get all this done?

Because my BLOG TOUR starts next Wednesday and I still have stuff to do for that.

Better get a wriggle on.