It’s a couple of days since my last diary post, and I’m pleased to report that progress has been made.

I have now either posted the cyber launch invitation or a link to it on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. I’m still working on the MySpace page. Thought I’d set it up right, but it hasn’t let me do anything. I’m still waiting on my verification email. Perhaps I gave them the wrong email address – Oops! Better check that.

I can also report that I have emailed the information to my cyberlauncher – and was very excited to discover today that a couple of online bookstores are already advertising my book. Yay!

So what’s next – better check my list.

Hmm! I’ve done the itinerary – that’s on a previous post. Now I think I’d better make another list (groan) of all the articles and interview pieces I’m going to need for launch day.

Will check back in a couple of days – report on how I’m going.

See you in Cyber Space.


CharlieTotally O T  – here’s my cat Charlie. She hates this cold weather – don’t blame her.

Still the rain’s good – and you have to keep things in perspective – I bet it’s a lot colder in some other parts of the world:-)