DIARY OF A CYBER LAUNCHER – Day 1: Countdown to “Letters to Leonardo’s” journey into cyberspace

DEE PROMOWhen you’ve been writing a book for over ten years, and its release is just a month away, it’s impossible not to start getting ridiculously excited about it.

Today, I start the countdown to the Letters to Leonardo cyber launch and release on 1st July 2009.

Planning a cyber launch is a frantic but fun event. That’s why I thought I’d share it with you.

So here goes, Day 1 of ‘Diary of a cyber launcher’.

Okay, I guess the ‘to do’ list comes first.

1.    Make a ‘to do list’. (This is it).

2.    Make a list of people who are going to be involved in your cyber launch. That includes:

  • guests
  • publisher
  • launcher
  • reviewers
  • blog hosts
  • you
  • anyone else you can think of

3.    Make sure everyone who needs to be, is on the publisher’s list of people needing review copies of your book.

4.    Make sure the review copies are on their way.

5.    Make a list of any articles/activities you might be having for your cyber launch (I know that’s a lot of lists – but lists are good – they take the pressure off, stop you having to remember everything).

 6.   Make a timeline/schedule of all the things you will have to do in the lead up to your launch.

7.    Find out details of online booksellers so you can put their details on your blog and overseas cyber launch guests will know where they can buy your book.

8.    Make your cyber launch invitations.

9.    Send out your cyber launch invitations.

10.   Write and prepare any articles or posts that you will need on the day, so you just need to insert them at the right times. This means you can enjoy your  cyber launch day sipping cyber bubbles, greeting your guests and responding to questions and comments.

Sounds like a lot to do – I know. But it’s all fun, fun, fun!

Until next time, happy cyber travel. And don’t forget to keep checking my blog so you can follow the stages of organising your own cyber launch.

Thanks for dropping in.



2 thoughts on “DIARY OF A CYBER LAUNCHER – Day 1: Countdown to “Letters to Leonardo’s” journey into cyberspace

  1. It’s a great time in the cycle of writing, Dee, isn’t it? I share in your excitement and wish you heaps of booksales with Leonardo – I know you already have felt all the other more intangible things about the birth of a treasured ms. love S

  2. Thanks Sheryl. It is a wonderful time for me. I’m enjoying every minute of it.

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